Jenna S.

Charles is a great instructor and I look forward to his dance classes. He makes it fun and you can tell he loves what he does.

Edward, B

Looking for a dance instructor. Charles is it. He starts with where you are in your dancing and progresses you to where you want to be. His experience gives him the ability to quickly determine your learning style, rhythm,  etc. and customize your lesson plan. All this with patience while making it fun. 

Jennifer R.

My husband and I have enjoyed excellent personalized instruction of Ballroom dances. We enjoyed are first package so much we signed up again. Highly recommend him he's a wonderful teacher and the classes are a lot of fun.

Joan G.

Charles is a delightful person and a very fine dance instructor with a gift for making one feel at ease and  assessing ones ability and needs- my lesson was informative and  showed me where I need to improve, but also where I was doing a good job- always encouraging! I will take more lessons and can recommend him to others- well done!

Steve S.

Charles is soo patient with my two left feet and little music rhythm. After a few weeks, I know the basics, and that's huge for me.  He is encouraging, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and happy about his work.

Leslie, R

Charles is the PERFECT instructor to work with. He is charming, funny, a FABULOUS DANCER and actually is teaching us how to dance Ballroom. We are having so much fun and highly recommend his services. The dance area is huge, air conditioned, clean and very easy to get to. If you're looking to really learn how to dance, he would be the perfect choice. He knows how to teach both male and female parts so again, I highly recommend him! Thank you Charles for making this a fun new hobby!