Private Lessons

Private lessons are the most important part of learning how to dance. 

None of us got to where we are without them. The instructor  personalizes your lessons to fit your goals and abilities by teaching patterns, partnership, technique, and styling. Private lesson along with group classes and practice you will learn at a more accelerated rate and get so much more results and satisfaction learning to dance. 


Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to supplement your private lessons or exposed you to a dance, technique and styling you may have not covered in your private lessons. Classes are also a way to continue learning if you're not taking private lessons. You'll learn a new pattern or technique plus you get to learn, interact and practice with other students.


Practice Practice Practice

Practice is so important to become a good dancer. However not everyone has a dance floor in their homes or feel confident enough to venture out into world of social dancing. That's why our monthly Friday Night Dance Social is a great way to get your practice in while socializing and having a great time with other students and dancers. Another great way to get your practice time in is to take advantage of our exclusive program called "Practice Pass" To learn more about our exclusive Practice Pass program just click on the link below!